Having been working on YouTube as our main platform of business services, we have never seen a growth tool and opportunity for channels like this before! Usually reaching thousands of subscribers would take you months if not years! But thanks to shorts, you can cut corners and reach thousands of subscribers in days!

There are always ground rules to follow though; no matter what you do, the rule of thumb is to keep it consistent, keep it optimized for the algorithm, and to keep it programmed smartly.

Do not forget these rules, note them and remind them to yourself each time you upload content on your channel.

Let’s keep it short and deep dive into the 2 levers of reaching 4x audience within days!

  • Keep it short and consistent: YouTube Shorts

Shorts, shorts, shorts! We know we are always talking about YouTube Shorts these days! But believe us we are not wrong. Shorts is your one and only ticket to the fastest growth on YouTube these days… Don’t miss this opportunity!

Now is the time to up your game and win with Shorts videos. Why?

  1. Power of free Youtube promotion! YouTube loves when you make Shorts and will reward you by promoting your videos to a broader audience. And you will gain more views than you can possibly imagine. More than you can get with your long form videos in a short period of time…
  1. It is the easiest format to create videos, do leverage your archive! You do not need to create videos from scratch for YouTube Shorts. You can repurpose your current content/your archive and have Shorts. You can use 3rd party tools to convert your videos into shorts or we can help you do that. Click for more information:  https://bit.ly/BuzzShorts
  1. Keep it optimized for the algorithm: Video Title 

With YouTube Shorts, video titles are even more important! Because it is the only data point that you have control over to encourage the audience to click and watch your videos via the Search!

This is literally the video’s chance to make it or break it when, because the content is already very short, the video title is a field to provide extra information and context to describe the video so that your audience click and watch it if they come across your video by chance via search.  

Bottom line, this is your one chance to grab your audience’s attention; don’t waste it with a weak title! 

The titles you’d like to use on your Shorts should consider having the following 3 very important elements?


The most…

Best of




Those kinds of adjectives make people curious, and encourage them to watch the video to learn more…


What would you do?

Is it worth having…

Why I’d Never

Titles that have questions are always guaranteed to get you more views. People get intrigued or just want to add their comments. These kinds of titles grows engagement as well






Emojis emphasize your video titles, and often define the title. By seeing the emoji in the title you can guess what kind of content awaits you in the video; Might be shocking, emotional, sad, funny, etc…

  1. Keep it Programmed Smart: No Random Uploads, Make it Relevant

Keep your audience engaged with consistent uploads, because the YouTube algorithm favors consistency. 

You never know one day, one of your uploads can be pushed forward by the algorithm, not because of luck! Because if you programme your content with a smart plan, based on trends and key events, and keep uploading in a structured manner, then you will have the backing of the YouTube algorithm and you will increase the chances of your content’s success as one day you may make big waves simply because you managed to upload the right video, with the right title in the right moment.

Create your chance of going viral, by not simply uploading videos on YouTube randomly, but by uploading videos in a planned, systematic way that targets search trends, key events and popular movements.

Do plan your luck 🙂

The BuzzMyVideos Team

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