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The European Football YouTube Report 2022

Football is big! And touches almost everyone’s life whether they like it or not… Sometimes by sharing the joy of winning or sometimes by having to reschedule an evening because of a friend who would be at a stadium to support his team…

Football clubs compete on the pitch but in the age of technology, they also compete on other platforms as well, such as social media…

As another football season has come to an end and the best European teams have been decided, we wanted to have a closer look at the football teams’ YouTube status. We analysed German, British, Spanish, Italian and French national teams’ YouTube channels and gathered our findings in a detailed report. 


> Premier League is the most-watched European league on YouTube followed by La Liga and Serie A.*

> Barcelona has more total views and subscribers on YouTube than any other team in Europe.**

> Liverpool FC earned the “Most Viewed Channel” badge with more than 77M views in May 2022. Barcelona could not make it to the top 5 in this category. 

> There is only one Premier League team –Manchester City– and no French teams in the “Top 10 Most Video Uploads” category.

> 6 Premier League teams made it to the “Top 10 European Clubs Views per Video Index” category

Click to download the report: https://buzzmyvideos.com/en/the-european-football-youtube-report-2022/

*All data are based on all clubs in each League

** #1 Club for every League


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