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As promised, here is our second May wrap-up blog post. Keep reading to hear Partner Managers Omar and Brunella talk about their experience at Vidfest UK / MCM London Comic Con. Plus our Russian Partner Manager Olga shares the fantastic experience our creators had at the YouTube “Video People” event in Moscow.

Then, if you haven’t already, check out our first post were our CEO Paola talks about our new office space and growing team. Plus read the wrap-up of the brilliant Google Hangout we ran with our creators from our Content and Acquisition Manager Brett.

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Vidfest UK / MCM London Comic Con

At the end of May the BuzzMyVideos team attended the MCM Expo London Comic Con with a table at VidFest UK. We had so much fun and a great experience. It’s so important and inspiring for us to meet enthusiastic and passionate creators.

We want to thank all the people who came along to meet us and to all the guys who just stopped by to have a talk to find out more about the BuzzMyVideos YouTubeNetwork or to have their face painted by our friend Bianca (you can find her YouTube channel here).

Click the collage to the right to see more photos of BuzzMyVideos at VidFest UK!

Omar Ambrosi Brunella Barbone

Omar Ambrosi & Brunella Barbone (Audience Development/Partner Manager)

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BMV at VidFest UK Collage

Click to see more photos of BuzzMyVideos at Vidfest UK

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Video People Russia

Click to see more photos from NewVideoReview, BlackHoooole, zvukograf, RussianGirlFromUK of Video People Russia

To find out more about Video People watch this video by Russian game vlogger /NewVideoReview.

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Video People – Russia

On the 31st of May our creators attended a huge Russian YouTube event called Video People. More than 1,000 YouTube creators gathered in Moscow from more than 40 cities across the Russian Federation. Four of our creators were luckily enough to attend (zvukograf, RussianGirlFromUK, NewVideoReview, BlackHoooole).

Video People offered a unique opportunity for Russian YouTube creators to learn more about online video production from top Russian-speaking and foreign YouTubers, to participate in workshops and panel discussions held by the YouTube team, attend a YouTube awards ceremony, share experience with fellow YouTube creators and find like-minded people to collaborate with in the future.

Olga Luferova Olga Luferova (Audience Development / Partner Manager)