YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for digital marketers. With hundreds of millions of hours of video uploaded each minute, it can be difficult to stand out in search results. One quick and simple way to make your videos more discoverable on YouTube is by making sure you have a high-quality thumbnail that accurately reflects what your video is about.  

YouTube thumbnail images can make or break a video’s search and discoverability. 

We have analysed the results of our thumbnail optimisation work across all our clients, and we are impressed with the results! We found out that optimising video thumbnails with highly engaging images using BuzzMyVideos Thumbnail Predictor* technology receives up to 10% more views!

If you are looking for some examples of our previous work, please check out some examples below.

It is common best practice that videos with thumbnails featuring the following elements perform better!

  • Close-up image of people/faces 
  • Vivid colours
  • High contrast imagery
  • Elements/text best describing the video

You can’t have a successful YouTube channel without having thumbnails, and the best thumbnail you could ask for is one that catches your customer’s attention. 

Your customers are everywhere – so make sure they’re on Youtube too! The easiest way to increase views on your videos is by increasing the number of people who click “play”. This means getting more eyes on your video with an eye-catching thumbnail that will draw them in.

So, if you want to get an instant 10% increase to your YouTube video views, then get in touch with us now 

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*About BuzzMyVideos Thumbnail Predictor: We have created a YouTube thumbnail predictor, that scans your videos frame by frame automatically and selects the best frame as a potential most engaging thumbnail image to use. The BuzzMyVideos Thumbnail Predictor is an all automated product and it is designed using the latest and most relevant image and object recognition frameworks. Our technology is designed to optimise YouTube thumbnails at scale. Learn more and check out our Thumbnail Optimisation offering here. 

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