We’ve been discussing for a while now about how and when to start chatting more with the BuzzMyVideos creative community. Finally we decided to dive right in, so here we are, our first ever blog post.

Here on the blog we will keep you up to date with developments at our end, BuzzMyVideos creator success stories plus YouTube and industry updates. This will also be another avenue for us to share with you YouTube hints, tips and trends. We’ll also discuss the new tools and initiatives we’re planning here at the network for the community. And use this as a place to address your feedback on the network and how we can better support your growth as a YouTube creator. This is all part of our effort to be as transparent as possible and let you know where we are at and where we are headed.

What is in our DNA is the great international flavour of our creative community. As we said at the beginning, we are here to start up local talent on YouTube and to help them reach a global audience. After one year of operation we now believe we have a very strong and powerful community to make this happen. Already we have more than 4,000 creators from more than 100 countries.

By following the blog you’ll get to know us, how we work and the challenges and fun we have along the way. In that spirit, in the next post we will introduce you to the team.Yes there are real people behind the scene here at BuzzMyVideos.

Thanks to all of you, our growth has been absolutely phenomenal these past months and with such rapid growth comes a whole host of opportunities. We are working very hard, so stay tuned for more updates and improvements from our end.

The BuzzMyVideos Team