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We are looking for a motivated and fun to work with individual who can work with the growing BuzzMyVideos International Team on advertising sales, agency relationship management and growing new monetization opportunities for our Content Creators. RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Create advertising sales strategies, execution plans and sales targets for different regions and verticals
  • Support online advertising buyers with consultancy, account management and results analysis
  • Packaging and bundling of content inventory
  • Work with business partners to enhance revenue opportunities for adsales and content distribution.
  • Manage the relationship with the YouTube sales team
  • Manage all ad-operations activities
  • Work cross-functionally to identify new business opportunities


  • BA/MA/BS
  • Strong knowledge of the digital market industry
  • Deep knowledge of one or more advertising markets in EMEA
  • Having an active and proofed advertising client portfolio in Italy (any other EMEA country is a plus)
  • Experience in Media sales for YouTube and Online Video Platforms
  • Experience with Adwords and Doubleclick platforms
  • Ability to define sales strategies, execution plans and target setting
  • Experience in negotiation of deals with top online publishers
  • Excellent negotiation & communication skills
  • Having great time management and analytical skills •Be a self-starter & solid problem solver
  • A fluent English speaker (speaking an additional European language is ideal)


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