The English Premier League is the most-watched football league in the world and the largest in terms of the fan base, competition, and TV broadcast coverage. So we were curious to see how the Premier League teams were doing on YouTube. As the Premier League season is in full swing, we analyzed the teams’ YouTube channels to find out which one has the most views, subscribers, videos…
All Time Views
As of today -01 March 2022- the top 5 teams in The Premier League are:
  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Chelsea
  4. Manchester United
  5. West Ham 

In terms of YouTube video views, Liverpool and Manchester United are leading with both having more than 1 Billion views! Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are following them in the Top 5 teams with the highest views. 

All Time Video Uploads 
Manchester City has the most video uploads with 6,067 videos followed by Brentford FC, Chelsea, Leicester City and Southampton. Though Liverpool has the second-highest views on YouTube, they have 1,949 videos and in terms of the video uploads, they are in number 15 on our YouTube Table. 
Most Subscribed Channels
Liverpool and Manchester United have more than 5 Million subscribers. They are followed by Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal that all have more than 2 Million Subscribers. All the other football teams have less than 1 Million subscribers. 
All-Time Views per Video Index
Liverpool is the winner of this data. Despite having a fairly low number of videos on their channel, they have twice as many views as the second team in line. In this category another team is making a jump to the top 5; Tottenham Hotspur becomes the 4th team in total viewership. They have 542 Million views and 2,792 video uploads. 
January 2022 Views
The top 4 teams in this category have reached more than 20 Million views in January. Although West Ham is currently the 5th team in Premier League, in terms of January viewership they came 8th in our table with 2.5 Million views, that is 10 times less than the top 4 teams in this category.