By now, you have probably noticed that original content formats are the type of videos that consistently brings your subscribers back to your YouTube channel for more. Original videos allow you to focus on one theme or style in order to make it clear what sets them apart from other channels out there!

It’s always key to include popular events in your editorial plan. Maybe you can link your video programming calendar with releases of movies, games or albums? You’ll have more chances to be discovered by people who are searching for YouTube videos and recommendations relevant to these popular events that they are interested in.

In addition, when coming up with your editorial plan, consider an approach or interesting angle to hook in the audience such as:

  1. Repackaging and promoting existing videos from your channel into a special seasonal playlist.
  2. It’s important to have a clear theme for your playlist and update the title, description text as well as tags on each video in order to reflect that.

As Black Friday and Christmas are around the corner, let’s take a look at how you can take action. Also, make sure to check out our YouTube SEO for Black Friday Playbook, you can download the playbook at

Get Ready

Google Trends is an amazing tool for determining the popularity of various events. Explore it to find out how interested people are in your event before you even announce it!


It’s important to be visible and easy for customers. You can do this by having a strong presence in areas where people may need or want your product, like social media platforms with regular posts on Facebook/ Twitter about new releases coming soon!


You can create ancillary videos around your content several days before the event to get ahead of any buzz. These short, behind-the-scenes clips will help you set expectations and show people what they need for their journey in order to prepare well enough!

Use your YouTube channel for promotion 

  • Set stream teaser/trailer as a channel trailer
  • Update channel art
  • Create a custom shelf on your channel
  • Add chapters to your videos
  • Feature content on other videos (End-screens, Cards, Description Text, Pinned Comments)

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