9 years passed by, one to go for the first decade as an entrepreneur at BuzzMyVideos

by Paola Marinone

Everything I did say I was not going to do, I ended up doing. One of those “never” was “I’ll never be an entrepreneur”. Turns out I was cherry picking all the things that were somehow out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to do. I’m glad that entrepreneurship was one of those.

Today marks 9 years of BuzzMyVideos. In 2011 three key events happened in my life. I left Google/YouTube, I moved to yet another country (counting 8 so far) then I founded BuzzMyVideos. Quite a busy year, given that it was meant to be a gap year.

They say that 90% of startups fail before they turn 5. We are going to be 10yo in 12 months, and with all the ups and downs, I could not be prouder of what we’ve done. I’ve seen the beginning of an era, the end of an era and the beginning a new one, all in 9 years (and we’re still here, yes resilience matters 😉

We were very early in what originally was the MCN world, we built a global network of creators and an advanced tech suite that has not been matched to today. Influencer marketing was not a word back then, just to add some context. We kept innovating even when everyone said the MCN world was gone. And yes, it’s all gone, there’s no doubt about that, but …there’s a but. Even if a chapter has closed, this means a new one, more evolved one will begin. We’re talking about the Online Video that is here to stay and grow exponentially even in the next years and decades.

We kept advancing our Actionable Insights & Scalable Solutions for YouTube and via our top performance Team we started serving new markets & needs for Brands & Publishers on YouTube, organically. A 15B USD Market, not peanuts.

The early results are telling us that our clients enjoy outstanding results in the likes of >100% growth rates and Double Digit Million USD of new revenue. This leads to 200% Y/Y growth rate for BuzzMyVideos. We’re back at our fast growth rates like in the early days. Welcome to our BuzzMyVideos 2.0 era, another big story to be written.

Since the launch of BuzzMyMedia, our Premium Solution for Brands and Publishers, we’ve worked with the very best in the Music, Finance, Retail, Food, Education, Sport, Tech and many more verticals.

I want to personally thank cutting edge people at brands and publishers like VEVOWarner Music GroupHSBC, The Wheeler Institute – London Business SchoolBocconi UniversityThe European UnionJungle CreationsBeggars GroupSEMrushAwalMediaMarkt and many more. Thank you for being part of our present and future and for leading the way on your respective industries, including on YouTube.

Thanks to our great truly International & Diverse Team, you made the difference and will leading the way, again and again.

Year 10 here we go. We’re on our journey to make this 10th year special. And we very much like to make things happen. You can bet on that.

Wait for it…or even better, be part of it and get in touch!

PS. If you are curious about the picture on the top, it is a frame of a video we made on the day we founded BMV. A personal memory I wanted to share. At the end of the day, founding a company is a very personal journey too.