March saw the launch of the first official BuzzMyVideos Turkey creators meet-up that brought together over thirty creators from the Turkish BuzzMyVideos community. The event was headlined by Web Tekno, Ruhi Cenet Videolari and Sokak Roportajlari who all recently celebrated major channel milestones.

At BuzzMyVideos, community is one of the most important thing for us. We believe that being a part of a family of creators gives you an incredible support network of people who understand your dreams and can relate to the same highs and lows that you go through as a creator. Community is also key to fostering friendships and collaborations between creators. Collaboration and cross-promotions are one of the key drivers for a channels growth and we’re happy to see our first meet-up has already sparked new friendship and creative discussions between our creators.


We also celebrated three of our channels’ milestones. Web Tekno reached 300K, Ruhi Cenet Videolari 250K and Sokak Roportajlari hit 100k subscribers. We had a chance to hear and be inspired by their story of how they built their channels to the success that they are today.


We welcome all our Turkish BuzzMyVideos creators to join us for the next meet-up to meet new friends,, have their questions answered, share your expertise and have lots of fun of course!

BuzzMyVideos is the essential community for creators who want to succeed in online video world, and there’s never been a better time to be a BuzzMyVideos member. We hope you enjoy these events! We’ve just started and there is a lot more to come.

If you’re not a BuzzMyVideos creator, click here to find out how to join the community.




Ayşe Çakar – /aysecakar

“I get together with content producers in a variety of activities but these gatherings are usually with beauty channels only. YouTube is a colourful world and there are also creators in many areas outside beauty. This event helped me to meet with creators from different categories and make new friends. It also helped to create an environment for various collaborations. Through this event I understood that we are not just a great team but also a big family. I look forward to new meet-ups.”

sulekaraokŞule Karaok – /sulekaraok

“This event help me to engage with other creators in the network. This engagement helps me to cultivate partnerships and new projects which helps me to look forward to grow my channel. Actually, this event is just the beginning and I’m excited about the future. Thanks to BuzzMyVideos team for everything.”

ruhi Ruhi Çenet – /MrRuhicenet

“I attended a great event organized by the BuzzMyVideos. In this event, I’m really delighted to celebrate the 250,000 subscribers milestone. A creator can not find a suitable environment for himself so easily. Through these activities I can easily establish connections with other creators to build new content or new projects. I’m looking forward to new events like this. Thanks very much to BuzzMyVideos.”

anilAnıl Piyancı – /AnilPiyanci

“YouTube Creators have found an opportunity to meet, chat, create new ideas and have fun. These events are very helpful as they bring you the confidence of being under the same roof. I was very pleased and I look forward to the next meet-up.”

kurcalaKurcala – /kurcaLaa

“It was a well-prepared event where we found ourselves in an intimate environment. As well as having fun, we had the chance to meet with creators in person and listen to their experiences. We also exchanged ideas and discussed possible partnerships to enhance our channel. Looking forward to next event!”






 –Emre Cinar

 Emre Cinar – Business Development Manager