BMV and United Ventures

Today we have announced an investment round of $2.5 Million from United Ventures and we are absolutely thrilled to have the funds and extra support to help us cement our position as a leader in the rapidly evolving online entertainment market.

BuzzMyVideos Team

The cash injection from United Ventures acknowledges the huge success of BuzzMyVideos’ model and our amazing content creators so far and provides us with the rocket fuel to continue our upward journey skyrocketing to the moon!

The funding will accelerate our international growth and further develop our technology offering, as well as assisting the expansion of innovative new revenue streams for creators as they unleash their talent and widen their global reach.

In addition, development of even more BuzzTools will further automate content optimization for our creators AND increase revenue via additional distribution and promotion opportunities with leading global publishers and brands. We are so excited to embark on this next phase of growth!

As consumer behaviour shifts from traditional television viewing to streaming at convenience via computers, tablets and mobile devices, a huge ecosystem of creators and users has fast arisen on the media landscape. This burgeoning new industry is thriving globally and BuzzMyVideos has emerged as a key international player operating largely in six key verticals; beauty, entertainment, food, music, technology and games.

Never has online video been so prolific worldwide and this trend is only set to intensify as mobile penetration hits record levels, particularly in emerging economies that are mobile-first.  According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all internet traffic and Informa predicts that the market will have reached a worth of $37 billion by 2017.

Massimiliano Magrini is the Co-founder and Managing Director of United Ventures, and he tells us why they decided to back us; “BuzzMyVideos is uniquely positioned to address the needs of a rapidly changing online entertainment market which is still in its infancy,” he said. “The founders have unrivalled knowledge of the market and online video and are backed by a world-class team with a penchant for innovative technologies and an international outlook. We’re very excited to support them as they cement their position as pioneers in this new era of online video.”

We are at the very beginning of an entertainment revolution where eyeballs are fast shifting from traditional offline television to online video. Production and distribution cycles are changing dramatically and monetization models are being reinvented.  It’s an inspiring moment in the industry, which we’re excited to share together with our content creators and innovative brands!

Here’s to a supercharged 2015 with many more announcements on the horizon!

BuzzMyVideos Co-Founders

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