We are happy to announce the launch of an important collaboration with Everyeye.it. For the past ten years, Everyeye.it has been sharing their love of video games, cinema, television and technology with their fans. Their editorial staff produces exclusive articles, interviews, retrospectives, reviews, previews and video articles and they regularly attend the major events, festivals and exhibitions important to their sector.

The goal of this partnership is to create a strong community of Italian creators who specialise in gaming content and provide them with the tools and visibility necessary to stand out as well as deliver new monetisation opportunities.

BuzzMyVideos will offer advanced technology-based tools and video content monetisation plus work towards growth and visibility opportunities for creators joining the network.

Respecting YouTubers’ autonomy and creative freedom, Everyeye.it will offer editorial consultancy and visibility on its website. If you want to apply, just fill in the survey, that you can find here.

With their long experience and success, BuzzMyVideos and Everyeye.it will work in synergy with its creators to continue to explore how best to increase their visibility and audience growth.




Stefano Caccavo (Audience Development/Partner Manager)