We’ve developed A Powerful Automated Channel Assessment And Content Optimisation Tool To Maximise our Content Creators’ Reach 

We are very excited to announce the launch of BuzzScorecard, our brand new and extremely powerful automated channel assessment and optimisation tool which we are making freely available to all our network creators!

What is BuzzScorecard? It allows you to focus on creating cool videos by helping you to optimise your videos and channel in one go. It makes life easier for our creators and helps them build their audience! Sweet!

Designed to help you reach optimum content performance, BuzzScorecard automatically assesses your video content and overall YouTube channel in a single dashboard and then recommends actionable optimisation suggestions that help you increase views, grow your subscribers and ultimately build a sustainable, successful YouTube channel.

We are truly delighted with the fact that BuzzScorecard is the only tool of its kind available in localised languages including English, Turkish, Russian and Italian and it will undoubtedly prove a huge hit with all our creators.

If you are not in the network and want to use BuzzScorecard, join our 5,000+ creative videomakers across the globe, who generate more than 200 Million views every month via 14 Million subscribers across our network and see why creators are enjoying the immediate benefits of being part of our global community!

Enjoy BuzzScorecard as you work  towards becoming one of the next rising stars of YouTube with BuzzMyVideos Network!

 Bengu Atamer (Co-Founder & Director)