We’re very excited to announce that two BuzzMyVideos creators, Pablo Cappellato and Fabrizio Oggiano, won two out of the three awards at this year’s Il Protagonista Contest – an awards event showcasing new YouTube talent organised by Italy’s top filmmaking associations in partnership with YouTube.


Fabrizio Oggiano (far left) & Pablo Cappellato (middle)

Fabrizio Oggiano (far left) & Pablo Cappellato (middle)


Actor and comedian Pablo of the channel Tostapane88 won for his video Create = Breathe and his observation of how times of national and global crisis have given rise to great artist expression throughout history. For the YouTube generation this has been never truer than ever before.

Pablo is just as talented on the stage as he is on YouTube. In 2014 he won the La Stampa up2u theatre national competition with his monologue “Last Generation” and the Critics Prize at Rome Aperitalentshow 2012.


Fabrizio’s winning film Timecode, is yet another superb special effects driven short film that people have come to expect from his channel, ZizzoMagic. His surreally dark film will have you questioning time, space and everything in between.

Fabrizio first entered the public spotlight in 2011 when he was recognised by YouTube’s Nextlab Europe as one of the top twenty-five creators of the year. Since then his channel and talent have gone from strength to strength. When he’s not busy winning awards Fabrizio is working on commercials, music videos and his own stunning short films such as his hit dystopian future short Droppers.

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It goes without saying that Pablo and Fabrizio are two creators who are ones to watch. And finally a big congratulations to all the winners of the Il Protagonista Contest. It’s great to see the Italian film industry and YouTube joining forces to celebrate new emerging talent.

 Brett Snelgrove Brett Snelgrove (Content & Acquisition Manager)