It has been an amazing journey since we first stepped into the world of the amazingly talented Turkish video creator community. So we’re happy to celebrate with you our presence in the market with our official launch.

Over the last couple of months we have worked tirelessly building the foundations of a strong Turkish video creator community. Our Turkish video creators now adds up to a total of 230M global views and growing. And we are proud to present some of the local Turkish talent to the world.

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Bengu Atamer (Director of Business Operations, BuzzMyVideos)

Bengu Atamer
(Company Director)

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Last week on November 13th we reached another milestone when we officially announced our presence in the Turkish market with our press conference in Istanbul. With its young and dynamic community and vibrant and diverse culture, Turkey has much more to offer online video creators and audiences alike.

As we did in Italy, BuzzMyVideos are pioneers in the Turkish market and since the launch now offer our services and tools to Turkish video creators. We have received a warm welcome from the Turkish online video community and strong demand from the market overall.

BuzzMyVideos is proud to be shifting and leading the way in the online video space in Turkey.

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